Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

In normal circumstances we would be gathering together in unity to celebrate achievements, policy reforms and salute female trailblazers. We would be listening to keynote speakers in admiration and learn from women who have made signifiant strides in their professional and private lives. 
This year we will meet a little differently to highlight 12 incredible women who have successfully transformed their livelihoods from the ground up by building homeware, fashion and lifestyle brands in Tanzania. 
We feel very privileged to have met and work with such inspiring women who have made life work for them, on their own terms, while having to navigate obstacles and challenges that are part and parcel of being a Tanzanian woman.  
It has been an honour getting to know these ladies over the past few years and to learn what they stand for, to understand what drives them and how their self belief has motivated them to shape their own unique journey to business success.  Some of the women have defied the expectations and conventions of their peers and we will be sharing their stories of perseverance, resilience and empowerment with you. 
It is our hope that the series ‘She Made It’ will inspire, perhaps inform and highlight how living a slightly different life can indeed make a difference.
On behalf all of us at Make it Matter,  thank you for joining us and we hope that you enjoy the journey of how She Made It.

Rebecca Young

Founder of Make it Matter.